Dr. Yuan Li Receives $55k Chandra Theory Grant | Department of Physics
December 16, 2022

Dr. Yuan Li Receives $55k Chandra Theory Grant

Dr. Yuan Li receives Chandra Theory Grant for project titled "Probing Cluster Plasma Physics with Simulations of Jellyfish Tails."

Abstract: "Chandra observations have revealed spectacular X-ray tails associated with galaxies falling into galaxy clusters. The tails are subject to Kelvin-Helmholtz instability as they interact with the surrounding hot plasma. The details of this interaction can reveal crucial information about the effective plasma viscosity and conductivity, which are largely unknown. We will perform a set of high-resolution numerical simulations to study jellyfish tails. This study will be the first systematic exploration including all relevant physical processes: radiative cooling, viscosity, conduction and magnetic fields. We will compare our simulations with Chandra observations of tail density, temperature and metallicity distributions to put constraints on effective transport coefficients of the hot plasma."