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Atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Dr. Yuri Rostovtsev's current research interests cover several areas of matter-field interactions involving quantum coherence and interference, in particular, laser physics and laser spectroscopy, quantum and nonlinear optics, nanophotonics, biophotons, and quantum information.

Dr. Sandra Ward Quintanilla is an atomic theorist primarily interested in (effective) three-body and (effective) four-body Coulomb systems involving a positron. Currently, her graduate students are considering two separate projects. The first is positron and electron elastic scattering from helium using a one-electron model potential to represent the helium atom. The second is elastic electron-positronium scattering and the photodetachment of the positronium negative ion. Dr. Quintanilla has an international collaboration with Dr. Peter Van Reeth (University College London, London, UK). In collaboration with Dr. Kathryn Hamilton (University of Colorado, Denver), she is using the AMOS Gateway ( to consider electron-helium scattering. Dr. Quintanilla has employed a variety of methods in atomic physics, which include the Kohn variational-type methods, the close-coupling method, effective range theories, an impulse approximation, and the Coulomb-Born approximation.