Yuanxi Wang, Ph.D | Department of Physics

Yuanxi Wang, Ph.D

Photo of Dr. Yuanxi Wang
Assistant Professor
Physics Building 331
Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 2016)
Research Interest: Computational materials theory, nanophysics of 2D and layered materials, linear and nonlinear optics, defect physics, crystal growth modeling, 2D superconductivity.

Dr. Yuanxi (yu-an-shee) Wang's research interest is in first-principles materials theory, as applied to 2D materials like graphene, 2D semiconductors, air-stable 2D metals, and layered topological materials. Common theory tools include density functional theory (for ground states), many-body perturbation theory (for excited states), and empirical forcefields (for large timescales and lengthscales). His work also involves tight collaborations with experimentalists across multiple disciplines, including the optical, mechanical, transport properties of 2D materials. See group website for details.

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