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Completed Projects

Completed Projects:

A jig (or) wafer holder for chemical etching. All parts are made from PTFE and it is used to chemical etch a 4 inch wafer, which is sealed by three O-rings.

A water cooled stage for an ICP for Dr. Verbeck in Chemistry.

Amethyst 15 sample indexer: Built for Dr. Kahlid Hossain. He is a former UNT Physics Grad Student, now working at Amethyst Research Inc.
The device holds 15 wafer samples inside a vacuum chamber for analysis. This saves them time, by being able to run 15 samples per pump out.

Cubic Chamber: Built for Dr. Cooke in Chemistry. Cubic Microwave Chamber is made from 1/2" thick stainless steel.

Mirror Assembly: Built for Dr. Cooke in Chemistry. Parabolic polished mirrors on linear bearings. The opposing mirror distance can be adjusted remotely, while they are inside of a vacuum chamber.

XRay Safety Enclosure: Built for Dr. Duggan. Prevents Xray exposure during tests.

Ruben: Built for Dr. Weathers. The Ruben's tube demonstrates a visible representation of a sound wave in the flames.

Sample Holder: Built for Dr. Perez. Tiny wafer holding devices with intricate spring loaded contacts.

Silicon Wafer Sample Boxes: Built for Dr. Reinert. Tiny divided acrylic shipping containers for wafer samples.

ATR Case and Case Holders: Built for Drs. Littler and Chyan.

Detector holder: made from engineering plastic to isolate the detector, and a non magnetic stainless steel mounting bracket, to be used in a vacuum chamber for the IBMAL.

This instrument controls the Microprobe beam size using micrometers for adjustments as small as a micron.

It was designed by Dr. Gary Glass for Dr. Khalid Hossain (former UNT Physics grad student).

Drilling tool: created for Cyrillus Aerts, Director of Piano Services. It is used for drilling holes in a piano bridge.

Electrostatic quadrupole lens alignment jig. This jig enables microscopic longitudinal alignment of electrodes forming an electrostatic quadrupole lens. The lens system will be used to focus MeV ions to be used as a microprobe for microanalysis and microfabrication.