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Physics Electronics Shop

The Physics Electronics Shop maintains and repairs instruments in the department and aids in the design and maintenance of special equipment for individual research groups. We are equipped for electrical and electronic troubleshooting and have a large supply of commonly used electrical components that can be used for instrument repair and construction.

"Do it Yourself" Electronics
We strongly encourage Physics students to build their own electronic circuits as part of their projects. We are here to help with common mistakes and problems that can occur during that process.

Why should you make use of the Physics Department Electronics Facility for your experiments and demonstrations?
The Electronics Shop has an engineer and a technician, both with many years of experience that have sort of a "sixth sense" about what ideas will work or not, therefore able to spot potential problems that could occur further down the road. This can save you valuable time and money. By consultation and providing your detailed draft plans to us, we can streamline the selection of electronic equipment needed for your projects.
Many times we can provide streamlined equipment designs tailored directly for your needs, with documentation and test data, at a fraction of the cost of what you may end up purchasing elsewhere.