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Repair & Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

We repair a wide variety of problems associated with electronic instrumentation and equipment when the proper documentation are provided. (Service manuals, electronic schematics, layouts, etc.).

Modern electronic instrumentation is highly component intensive and is important to have the proper documentation to serve as a road map in helping to identify malfunctions. Often, we receive manufactured equipment for which the required parts need to be ordered. If the manufacturer has gone out of business, we search the internet for sources for obsolete technical manuals. Students and faculty should archive all associated documentation when new instruments are acquired. In some cases, we have had to work on obsolete equipment with NO documentation and troubleshoot by dead reckoning. If the problem is simple, we can get away with this but we run the risk of damaging the unit further. This is not the preferred method.

Requirements from the customer for Repairs and Maintenance:

  1. Service manuals, electronic schematics, layouts, etc.
  2. Non-Physics Dept. customers shall be charged at a rate of $35 / hour for technician labor and shall also generate a Non-Departmental Transfer Order (IDO), signed by the account holder. These forms may be obtained from in our Purchasing Dept. (940) 565-4276
  3. Customers within the Physics Dept. normally receive free labor. However, if it is determined that more than 8 hours of labor is required for a repair as a result of the necessary documentation not being made available or because of extreme obsolescence, the customer may be given the option of paying the $35/hour rate for continuing the effort or we may provide them with options for substitute equipment.
  4. In all cases, the charges for replacement parts will be passed to the customer.

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