Physics Colloquium - Dr. Bret Lehmer | Department of Physics

Physics Colloquium - Dr. Bret Lehmer

Event Information
Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 3:30pm
Event Location: 
Physics Building, Room 104

TITLE: The Formation History of Galaxies and Accreting Binaries Across the Vast Expanse of Cosmic History


X-ray emission from accreting binary systems (X-ray binaries) provides a unique signature of the binary phase of stellar evolution and compact object populations (neutron stars and black holes). Through X-ray and multiwavelength observations (e.g., from Chandra, Hubble, Spitzer, and other telescopes) of both nearby and distant galaxies, we are working to obtain a more complete picture of how galaxies and compact objects formed and evolved

throughout the history of the Universe. I will present ongoing and planned observational efforts to characterize (1) how the formation of X-ray binary populations in nearby galaxies is linked to the physical properties of the galaxies themselves (e.g., galaxy morphology, star-formation activity, stellar mass, stellar age, and metallicity); and (2) how X-ray binary populations

evolved over the last 12 billion years of cosmic history in response to significant changes in the properties of their host galaxies. I will highlight how new data sets, future multiwavelength telescopes, and theoretical modeling will provide a powerful blend of resources for improving our understanding of accreting binaries and the compact objects that make them up.

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