ACS-PRF selected Dr. Jens Neu’s research for funding | Department of Physics
October 19, 2023

ACS-PRF selected Dr. Jens Neu’s research for funding

The American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Found, selected Jens Neu's work for funding. Every oil deposit is associated with petroleum gasses (APG). These APG are often too sparse for commercial exploitation making them an unwanted by-product of oil extraction. The simplest way to handle APG is to flare it, which accounts for about 1 % of the world CO2 production.

The research in the Ultrafast THz Spectroscopy will explorer novel materials, especially metal-organic frameworks (MOF), to capture APG instead of flaring it. This research will understand the basic physics of gas-MOF interaction. This insight can then be leveraged to improve APG capturing. Capturing and utilizing of these gasses will reduce the environmental harm of flaring and also make this valuable resource usable.